This is an overview of Yapily's products and services.

Yapily API

The Yapily API enables you to adopt open banking solutions into your applications. It is based on REST principles and uses standard HTTP response codes and verbs with HTTP Basic Authentication.

Yapily's open banking API infrastructure provides access to enriched financial data and a range of payment services, and is integrated in over 1900 institutions participating in the open banking ecosystem.

Product Summary
Data Yapily Data enables access to financial data in real time. With the account holder's consent, you can retrieve live and historical account and transaction data to gain a deeper understanding of a user's financial behaviour.
Payments Yapily Payments enables you to accept and offer secure account-to-account payments at scale. Yapily's Payments API is invisible to the end user and grants you complete control of the payments experience. Yapily Payments support single immediate payments, scheduled payments and standing orders both domestic and international with coverage across the UK and Europe.
Bulk Payments (Beta) Yapily Bulk Payments enables you to make multiple payments from a single bank account to multiple recipients in a single transaction. Yapily's Payments API is invisible to the end user and grants you complete control of the payments experience.
Virtual Accounts (Beta) Yapily Virtual Accounts enables you to open and hold unlimited multi-currency accounts to collect funds and make payouts instantly. It offers features including the handling of FX, refunds, reconciliation and settlement, to enhance your payment processing.
Variable Recurring Payments (Beta) Yapily Variable Recurring Payments enables you to make payments of variable amounts, within agreed limits, on an ongoing basis without needing to collect the customer's consent for every payment. This offers an alternative to Direct Debit, Standing Orders or card CPA that provides greater control and transparency.
Validate (Beta) Yapily Validate enables you to validate a user's identity directly from their bank using their account details.

Yapily Console

The Yapily Console is an interface for creating, configuring and managing your Yapily Applications.

The Console includes functionality to connect your application to sandbox and live institutions, retrieve your API credentials and upload your Open Banking certificates. You can also view a full list of the available institutions.

Yapily Connect

Yapily Connect is Yapily's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) registered entity. Yapily Connect grants you simple, easy and quick access to open banking data and payments without the need to obtain a Third-Party Provider (TPP) license.

As a TPP, Yapily Connect can provide Account Information Service Provider (AISP) and Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) licenses on your behalf to access the Open Banking network.

This removes the complexity and cost of acquiring the necessary license to access the open banking network if you are not currently registered.

Yapily demo app (Beta)

The Yapily demo app allows you to test Yapily Data and Yapily Payments flows with your real banking credentials. The demo includes example end user screens and the associated API request and response bodies for each step.

next steps

Get started testing Yapily in a sandbox environment against Mock Bank data.