Yapily Data

Yapily Data brings you easy access to financial data in real time to help develop personalised financial products and services for consumers and businesses.

Using our secure and standardised APIs, the account holder can consent to you accessing their data, so you can retrieve live and historical account data and transactions. This allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your customers' financial behaviour so you can serve them better.

We cleanse and standardise the data across all financial institutions in all territories. You can have confidence in the reliability and consistency of the data you receive and can consume it directly into your internal processes.

Yapily Data Plus

Yapily Data Plus offers a number of data enrichment services to enable you to extract additional value from open banking data.

Yapily Data Plus automates the detailed analysis of live data, providing you with an enriched, comprehensive view of a user's data. This enables instant insight and a deeper understanding of your user's financial profile, behaviour and habits.

Yapily Data Plus services can be easily embedded into your existing data strategies.

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