Yapily Data Plus

Gain more insights with additional data enrichment.

Yapily Data Plus is available as a Private Beta version.


Yapily Data Plus provides additional data enrichment to supplement the standardised data returned by Yapily Data. It enables you to extract more value from your data to build a comprehensive view of your customer’s financial profile, behaviour and habits.

You can easily embedded Yapily Data Plus into your existing Yapily Data integration to benefit from the advanced insights.


Yapily Data Plus is an add-on to Yapily Data.

Advanced insights

There are 3 advanced insights available with Yapily Data Plus.


Faster decision making and analysis with automatic data sorting.

Returns a detailed summary for each individual transaction. Information includes the category and cleaned transaction description as well as sub-category, location, merchant, payment processor and parent group where applicable.

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Transaction Group Analysis

Easily analyse trends with identified recurring transactions.

Identifies recurring transactions, such as household bills, rent, wages and subscriptions, and analyses their schedule and frequency. This enables a holistic view of a user’s financial profile by providing a summary of a user’s typical and consistent spending, discounting transactions that are not representative.

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Balance Prediction

Have confidence in future funds by assessing past transaction data.

Analyses historical transaction data to forecast the likely availability of funds in the near future. The model draws on data from a user’s accounts, across multiple banks where applicable, and returns a median predicted balance along with confidence intervals. This allows you to understand their probable financial behaviour and trends over time.

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Insight Availability Scope Business Accounts
Categorisation Private Beta UK only Yes
Transaction Group Analysis Private Beta UK and Europe Yes
Balance Prediction Private Beta UK and Europe Yes

Get started

See our categorisation tutorial, transaction group analysis tutorial or balance prediction tutorial to explore a sample integration with Yapily Data Plus.