Yapily provides state-of-the-art categorisation to facilitate the enrichment of PSD2 transaction data. The aim is to enable clients to enhance products in lending, investing, affordability scoring, personal finance management and more.

  • A tool built with self-learning models
  • Understand financial data at scale, regardless of geography or language
  • Enables merchant enrichment, categorisation and a view on whether it is a recurring transaction
  • Understanding different types of income and spend

What is currently supported


  • UK
  • EU

Account Types supported

  • Consumer (Retail)

Enriched data points

Yapily’s categorisation product returns additional information for individual transactions, providing a more detailed summary of each transaction.

Categorisation provides the following additional information for transactions:

Field Description
Category A category that our model has predicted best describes the transaction’s characteristics.
Payment processor The intermediary merchant of the transaction (i.e The payment processor).
Merchant The normalised merchant name (if a merchant is present).
Recurrences Type Indicates whether a transaction is a one-time transfer, e.g. purchasing a mattress (one-off), regularly repeats with personalized pricing, e.g. utilities, mortgage (recurring), regularly repeats with fixed pricing (subscription).

How to enable categorisation

To access the categorisation endpoints, there are additional steps that need to be completed in advance.

  • A contractual agreement is in place to cover our Data Plus Categorisation product
  • The “ categorisation ” scope is enabled for your application (this can be requested via Support once the contract has been agreed).
  • Subscription to receive the Categorisation webhooks

The links to the Categorisation APIs can be found here → Enrichment APIs

Next steps