Yapily Variable Recurring Payments overview

The Variable Recurring Payments product is available as a Beta version. Coverage will be initially limited to UK CMA9 banks for Sweeping use cases and Natwest UK for Non-Sweeping use cases. Check our VRP Coverage for the latest update.

Yapily Variable Recurring Payments (VRPs) enable payments of variable amounts on an ongoing basis, in line with limits agreed by the end user, without needing to collect their consent for every payment.

VRPs offer greater control and transparency than most existing alternatives such as Direct Debit, Standing Orders or card CPA.

There are 2 types of Variable Recurring Payment:

Type Description
Sweeping Transfer of money between 2 accounts belonging to the same person, also referred to as 'me-to-me' payments.
Non-Sweeping Transfer of money for business payments for goods and services, also referred to as 'me-to-business' payments.

Operating in the background, our Variable Recurring Payments API is invisible to the end user and gives you complete control of your payments experience.

See more information on how to create a variable recurring payment.

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