Hosted Pages

Hosted Pages is available as a Private Beta version. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like to access it.


Yapily Hosted Pages is a fully out-of-the-box, hosted solution that provides a pre-built user interface (UI) on top of our existing single payments API.

It enables you to quickly and easily use Yapily’s API to accept open banking payments from users, as well as test and experience Yapily’s open banking services.

Hosted Pages guides your users through the payment authorisation process, collects the necessary information to make a payment and executes the payment once consent is granted by the user.

The UI is available on web and mobile browsers, optimised for a seamless user experience and compatible with all supported institutions. It is fully hosted and maintained by Yapily.


Yapily Hosted pages is only available in the UK and Germany.

Currently only single payments are supported.


 Pre-built UI

  • Quick to implement
  • No development effort
  • Compliant by default

Simple integration process

  • 1 API call
  • Low development effort


  • Match your brand

End user journey

Yapily Hosted Pages provides a pre-built UI to manage the entire user journey once the user decides to use open banking in your application. A typical user journey is:

  1. The end user wants to top up their account on your application.
  2. The user clicks ‘pay by bank’ at checkout.
  3. The user is redirected to Yapily’s hosted pages.
  4. The user completes the payment authorisation flow and is redirected back to your application on completion.

Authorisation flow

The payment authorisation flow varies depending on the institution. The end user journey and UI screens vary depending on the flow. Yapily Hosted Pages supports both redirect and embedded flows.

You can read more about user authorisation flows.

Redirect authorisation flow

Redirect authorisation flow user journey

Embedded authorisation flow

Embedded authorisation flow user journey

Get started

See our single payments tutorial to explore a sample integration with Yapily Hosted Pages.

Try our demo app to complete the Yapily Hosted Pages flow for yourself with your real banking credentials.