Virtual Accounts overview

Virtual Accounts feature is available as a Private Beta version. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you would like to access it.

Yapily Virtual Accounts allow you to hold multi-currency accounts that can be used to collect funds and make instant payouts.


Virtual Accounts offer a range of features that power your payment processing:

Feature Description
Payment Schemes Support for multiple payment rails including Faster Payments, CHAPS and BACS in the UK, SEPA in Europe, SWIFT and international payments
Instant Payouts Issue payouts and refunds in GBP and EUR currencies. Fund virtual accounts through internal transfer or pay in from various payment methods
Flexible disbursements Accept payments into a virtual account and make single or multiple, net or gross payments to merchants
Foreign Exchange (FX) Support Transfer and hold payments in EUR and GBP currencies
Unlimited vIBANs Make and receive payments into a vIBAN with its own dedicated identification information

Some features may not be available for Beta. Please check with your Customer Success Manager.

Supported currencies

You can hold an unlimited number of accounts across multiple currencies. Virtual Accounts are connected to a range of payment schemes for making payments into and out of these accounts.

The following currencies, and their respective payment schemes, are currently supported:

Currency Code Currency Hold Virtual Account? Pay In? (Schemes Supported) Pay Out? (Schemes Supported)
EUR Euro Yes
GBP British Pound Sterling Yes
  • Faster Payments
  • Faster Payments

Access types

Access to Yapily Virtual Accounts must be requested through your Customer Success Manager, who will discuss the type of access you require.

The following access types are available:

Direct access

You wish to hold and operate your own set of accounts.

Virtual Account Direct Access

Partner access

You wish to issue accounts to your clients and operate them on their behalf.

For example, you may wish to issue accounts to the merchants or consumers that you serve.

Virtual Account Partner Access

See Clients for more information.

Direct and Partner access

You wish to hold and operate your own set of accounts, as well as those of your clients.

Virtual Account Both Access


To authenticate, please follow our authentication guidance.

Client ID header

When making requests to any of the virtual account endpoints, you must include the client-id header.

If you only have direct access and operate on your own accounts, then you will always supply the same identifier that has been assigned to you.

If you have Partner access, each of the clients you operate on behalf of will have their own identifier. You must pass the correct identifier that corresponds to the client that your request relates to.

Your client-id, and that of your clients where applicable, will be provided to you at time of onboarding.


You can use the Virtual Accounts sandbox to try out features and test your integration. Please see Virtual Accounts sandbox for more information.