Yapily Validate

Confirm your customer's identity by verifying financial account ownership.

The Validate product is available as a Beta version.


Yapily Validate enables you to instantly confirm customer details and account ownership across the UK and Europe through a single API integration.

Account information sharing allows users to permit access to their basic account information for the purpose of identity confirmation.

Yapily Validate returns key account information, including the account holder’s name and identity information, account numbers, and balance information. The data is returned directly from the bank, and can be from consumer, business and corporate accounts.

By validating account ownership and confirming that the account is real, this provides confidence in your customer’s identity and reduces friction in onboarding, as well as meeting compliance requirements.


The 3 main advantages of Validate:

1. Reduce fraud

Support regulatory compliance by validating an account is real with information taken directly from the bank.

2. Optimise operations

Reduce operational time and costs with automated account ownership validation.

3. Improve payments

Autofill payment details during onboarding to speed up the process and improve conversion. Gain confidence that regular payments will be received as account information checks are automated up front.


Validate can support the following processes:

Identity and account verification: Support KYC and verify account ownership with real-time data shared directly from banks.

Digital onboarding: Allow customers to link their bank account information helping to optimise and automate the onboarding journey for a better customer experience.

Payment setup: Easy payment setup for direct debits or payouts with automated input of account details.

Don't see your use case? Let us know how you would like to use Yapily Validate.

End user journey

The validate experience can be embedded into any application. You build and self-host the user facing screens, giving you full ownership and control over the experience in your application, with the Yapily Validate API powering the data connection behind the scenes.

Note: We recommend you follow our AIS UX guidelines for examples of best practices when building the user facing screens.

Note: Banks use different methods to authenticate and collect consent from users. Yapily supports all user authorisation flows and you may need to implement multiple user authorisation flows depending on which banks you want to integrate with.

Get started

See our validate tutorial to explore a sample integration with Yapily Validate.