Periodic payments

Further reading on how to create periodic payments with Yapily.

Periodic payments are available as a Beta version.


Periodic payments are payments which the user can configure from an Institution to pay an entity based on a schedule. In the UK, this is also known as a standing order.

It's possible to create either domestic or international periodic payments provided that the Institution supports the following features in the feature array:


Open Banking only provides the means to send the payment initiation request to the Institution so it is not possible to modify or cancel a periodic through Open Banking, nor is it possible to receive confirmation of the whether each payment in a periodic payment was successfully credited to the payee bank account.

Domestic Periodic Payments

A periodic payment can be created by specifying all the mandatory properties of a Single Payment including:

  • paymentRequest.paymentDateTime (mandatory) - Specify the date of the first payment

along with the following periodicPayment properties:

  • frequency (mandatory) - Specify how frequent to make payments. See payment frequency for more information
  • numberOfPayments (conditional) - Specify if you plan to make a fixed amount of payment as opposed to ending a payment schedule on a given date
  • nextPaymentAmount (conditional) - If the first amount (defined by paymentRequest.amount ) is different from the planned schedule amount, specify this to set the recurring amount.
  • nextPaymentDateTime (conditional) - If the first date (defined by paymentDateTime ) does not fall on a date defined by the planned schedule, specify this to set the first recurring payment date.
  • finalPaymentAmount (conditional) - Specify if the final payment amount differs from the value specified by paymentRequest.amount
  • finalPaymentDateTime (conditional) - Specify if the final payment is to end on a specific day outside the recurring schedule

International Periodic Payments

While rarely supported by every Institution, if the CREATE_INTERNATIONAL_PERIODIC_PAYMENT feature is available, it is possible to make international periodic payments.

In addition to the properties required for a domestic periodic payment, you must specify the additional properties required for an international payment.

Payment Frequency

The paymentFrequency should be set for periodic payments. The enumerations available are summarised in the table below.

Description executionDay intervalWeek intervalMonth type
Every day - - - DAILY
Every working day - - - EVERY_WORKING_DAY
Every 15th day of the month 15 - - CALENDAR_DAY
Every week, on the 3rd day of the week 3 1 - WEEKLY
Every 2 weeks, on the 3rd day of the week 3 2 - EVERY_TWO_WEEKS
Every 3 weeks, on the 3rd day of the week 3 3 - WEEKLY
Every month, on the 2nd week of the month and on the 3rd day of the week 3 2 1 MONTHLY
Every month, on the first day of the month 1 - 1 MONTHLY
Every 2 months, on the 15th day of the month 15 - 2 EVERY_TWO_MONTHS
Every 3 months, on the 15th day of the month 15 - 3 MONTHLY
Every 6 months, on the 15th day of the month 15 - - SEMIANNUAL
Every 12 months, on the 3rd day of the month 3 - - ANNUAL
Every quarter - - - QUARTERLY