QR code URL


The QR code URL generates a QR code to provide to the user so they can continue the authorisation flow on a mobile device.

This can create a better user experience as mobile flows are often smoother than web flows.

Using the QR code URL

  1. Retrieve the URL

The qrCodeUrl is returned in the response body of an authorisation request, in addition to the authorisationUrl.

For example:

  1. Display the QR code

Display the QR code in your application to enable your users to scan the QR code and continue the flow on their mobile device.

You can change the size of the QR code to fit your application by passing the size query parameter with the qrCodeUrl to set the width and height of the QR code in pixels.

Once scanned, if installed on the device, the QR code will open the corresponding mobile banking application. Otherwise, it will complete the bank flow using the device browser.