Quickstart Guide

Yapily helps developers adopt Open Banking solutions into their applications. We have APIs to gather account data and initiate account to account payments for an impressive number of banks participating in the Open Banking ecosystem.

Getting started with Yapily typically takes just a few minutes. After following these steps, you'll be ready to start your integration.

1. Sign-up (1 min)

Sign up here for a free Yapily Console account. You'll use the Console to create and configure an application.

2. Create an Application (1 min)

After creating an account, you'll need to generate a new application.

  • Go to Applications and click Create Application
  • Choose a name for your application and click Create application
  • Click Download Id & Secret to download the secret file containing the key (application-uuid) and secret (application-secret)

3. Configure Sandbox (2 mins)

In order to test your application you'll need to configure a sandbox in the Console. This allows you perform API requests against a Mock Bank:

  • Select your application
  • Go to Institutions and click Add Institutions
  • Search for modelo-sandbox (or change the filter Select environment to PRECONFIGURED_SANDBOX ) and click Add selected
  • Click Register to add modelo-sandbox to your application and select Yes, Preconfigured Credentials

4. Send your first API request (1 min)

  • Using Postman,
    • Create a new basic HTTP request by selecting HTTP method as GET and entering request URL as https://api.yapily.com/institutions
    • Go to Authorization tab and select Basic Auth from Type dropdown
    • Enter the application's key and secret from the secret file you downloaded before (from Step 2) against Username and Password respectively to authenticate your requests to your application.
    • Click Send to make your first API request to test your integration.
  • Using cURL,
    • Execute the cURL command by directly applying the application's key and secret to test your integration (or)
      curl -u key:secret 'https://api.yapily.com/institutions'
    • Generate an authToken using the application's key and secret to authenticate your requests to your application . Then execute the cURL command using the authToken to test your integration.
      curl -X GET 'https://api.yapily.com/institutions' -H 'Authorization: Basic {authToken}'

Congratulations! You have executed your first API call to retrieve all the institutions associated with your Yapily application.

5. Next Steps

Save and explore, with Postman or similar, the Open API Spec file we provide. When you are ready to start using real banking data just submit our Contact Form and we'll contact you.