Getting started

Understand how Yapily works and how to integrate Yapily into your application.

How Yapily works

Yapily empowers financial applications to connect with their customers through Open Banking. Our API supports Account Information (AIS) and Payment Information services (PIS) that will enrich your customer experience and create financial opportunity.


Before going live your company will need to be registered through one of the registration options. Registration is the process of taking electronic identification certificates such as eIDAS, and using them to declare your company, the nature of your business and named software applications that will be making connections, to both the Open Banking directory (the OBIE in the UK) and all of the banks (ASPSPs) that you wish to connect to.

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Getting started with Yapily typically takes just a few minutes. After following these steps, you'll be ready to start your integration.

Step 1: Sign up (1 min)

Sign up here for a free Yapily account.

If you have received an invitation to join an existing Yapily organization, you can access Yapily after signing in.

Step 2: Create an application (1 min)

When creating an application, we'll generate a key/secret pair "Application Key" and "Application Secret" which uniquely identifies your application to Yapily and allows you to securely inteact with our API.

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Step 3: Configure sandbox (1 min)

Before going live, you'll want to test your integration to Yapily. The best way to get started is to add a pre-configured sandbox to your application.

Step 4: Choose integration method

You can integrate to Yapily using one of our SDKs or by integrating our API directly.

  • For SDKs/libraries head over to our integration guides and follow the installation instructions for your platform.
  • For a direct API integration, check out our API Reference

Further Reading

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