Yapily Connect UX bulk payments

Example authorisation summary for bulk payments using Yapily Connect

PSUs can setup, through a TPP, an instruction to their ASPSPs to make a series of payments of a specific amount to a specific payee on a number of specified future dates or on a regular basis.


European institutions still use SafeConnect and have not yet been migrated to Yapily Connect UAB.

The information on this page applies to both Yapily Connect Ltd and SafeConnect UAB, except that SafeConnect UAB connections should use the existing SafeConnect branding until migrated. Please refer to SafeConnect resources

Capturing the payment details

Instead of the generic payment details above, the TPP must capture:

  • The total amount of all payments
  • The number of payments
  • The payment reference (if specified by the PSU or the TPP)
  • The requested execution date
  • The payer payment account or selected ASPSP
  • If the payer account is selected in a previous screen, the TPP should mask the account details
  • If the payer account details are provided, the TPP can display the relevant account identifications

Displaying the authorisation summary

The bulk payment specific details of the payments in bold must also be displayed in the summary where applicable.

Example authorisation summary

Data Sharing

Yapily Connect will retrieve bank data needed to facilitate this payment based on your request and provide this information to [Name of your app].

Secure Connection

Data is securely accessed in read-only format and only for the purposes of this payment request. This request is a one off, you will not receive any other requests from Yapily Connect for this payment.

FCA Authorisation

Yapily Connect Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2017 [827001] for the provision of Account Information and Payment Initiation services.

To easily set up payments from your bank to [Name of your app] , we are about to securely re-direct you to your bank where you will be asked to confirm the payment via Yapily Connect, an FCA regulated payment initiation provider for [Name of your app] Yapily Connect will share these details with your bank, where you will then be asked to confirm the following payment setup:

Payment information

  • Reference: [0223_ABC]
  • Description: [Payroll 200418]
  • No. of Payees: [25]
  • Currency: [GBP £]
  • Amount: [75,064.71 GBP]
  • Date to send: [20/01/2020]

About the access

This consent request is a one-off, you will not receive additional requests once completed.

Please read Yapily Connect: Terms & Conditions.