Delegated registration (Yapily Connect)

Registrations managed by Yapily's subsidiary Yapily Connect


UK institutions have been migrated from SafeConnect Ltd to Yapily Connect Ltd. European institutions still use SafeConnect UAB and will be migrated to Yapily Connect UAB shortly.

The information on this page applies to both Yapily Connect Ltd and SafeConnect UAB, except that SafeConnect UAB connections should use the existing SafeConnect branding until migrated.

We will contact SafeConnect customers with migration details in due course. If you have questions, email

SafeConnect UX resources are available here.

If you are using Yapily Connect, all registration aspects have already been taken care of by Yapily. Simply ask for each Institution you require and they can be added to your service immediately if available.

What does this mean for me?

  • Yapily sets up the connections to your chosen institutions for you
  • You display Yapily Connect as the regulated entity that is requesting your customer's financial data or initiating a payment
  • You cannot to modify the redirect URL . The user will be redirected to before being redirected again to the callback you initially specified
  • The user sees Yapily Connect Ltd/UAB instead of your company's name when they log into the bank

What are the use cases?

Account Information Services (AIS) UX for non-agent clients.

You do not intend to display the PSU's financial data obtained via the Yapily API.

Examples: affordability assessments, loan decisions.

Account Information Services (AIS) UX for agent clients.

You do intend to display the PSU's financial data obtained via the Yapily API.

Examples: personal finance management, account aggregation solution.

Payment Initiation Services (PIS) UX 3rd-party client services. (non-agent)

You initiate payment functionality from the PSU's bank account via the Yapily API.

Examples: Single, regular or scheduled payment creation from within client solution.

PSU consent cancellation.

The PSU wishes to cancel any consent previously granted to Yapily Connect via the client solution(s).

What branding should I display?

We have put together a set of UX guidelines for Yapily Connect customers.

View Yapily Connect UX Guidelines.