Console overview

About the Yapily Console

The Yapily Console allows you to create and configure your Yapily applications.

Here, you can try out our APIs in the sandbox against mock bank data. Later, before going live with Yapily, you can upload your certificates, create and configure live applications, and connect to live banks.

You can follow our Getting Started guide to learn how to create an application in the Yapily Console, connect it to the Open Banking pre-configured model bank, Modelo, and use our APIs to access data immediately. Or you can continue reading here to learn more about the Console.

About sandboxes

A sandbox is a test environment that allows you to connect your application to a bank and access test accounts to simulate the real Open Banking experience.

We provide preconfigured sandboxes for some major banks (also known as institutions). You can add these to your application and access these immediately, without needing any bank-specific registration or configuration.

You can also access sandboxes from other banks, but you may need to create a developer account with that bank, then configure their sandbox and add the appropriate credentials before you can use it.

Create an Application

  1. Register or log into the Yapily Console .
  2. Go to My Applications and click Create Application .
  3. Choose a name for your application and click Create Application .
  4. Click Download Id & Secret to download the secret file containing your application id and application secret. You will need these values to call our API endpoints.

You cannot retrieve your application secret later, so save the secret file somewhere safe and secure now. If you lose the application secret, you will need to revoke the secret and create a new one. Revoking the secret will invalidate any requests that are using the old secret.

Add a preconfigured sandbox

  1. Go to My Applications and select the application you want to connect to a sandbox.
  2. Click Institutions tab, select the required institution, then Add Institutions (you can filter the list of institutions by any or all of name, business type, country, environment, features, payment features and account features).
  3. Click Filters button, in the Environment drop-down, select Preconfigured sandbox , choose a sandbox from the list and click Add selected . If you are unsure which sandbox to choose, we suggest you start with the Modelo (Ozone) sandbox. (to view the institution details, including the bank logos and documentation go to Institutions and click in the institution)
  4. Click Register button in each institution (if you selected more than one) and click in the Yes, Preconfigured Credentials .
  5. You can now use the institution's sandbox to test your application. To simulate a user authenticating with the institution and authorising access to their account you will need the sandbox test user credentials for that institution. You can find the test user credentials in the institution's documentation (in the Console, go to Institutions and click in the required institution).

Add a non-preconfigured sandbox

You add a non-preconfigured sandbox in a similar way to adding a preconfigured sandbox, but there is an extra step. After you have added the sandbox, you need to configure the appropriate credentials yourself.

  1. Follow the steps above to add a pre-configured sandbox, but, in Filters section in the Environment drop-down, select Sandbox , not Preconfigured sandbox .
  2. When you have selected the sandbox of your choice and added it to your application, go to the Institutions tab in your application. Click the Register button beside the institution you want to configure.
  3. The credentials you require, the way you obtain them, and the way you configure the sandbox, vary from institution to institution. Read the institution-specific documentation on the credentials page (see an example below), follow the required steps, enter the appropriate values as prompted, then save the configuration.


Sandbox quality and functionality

Yapily is not responsible for the quality or functionality of sandboxes belonging to external entities.

The Yapily Mock sandbox is provided by Yapily, and includes features to help with automated testing. The Modelo (Ozone) sandbox is provided by the Open Banking regulators and is actively maintained.