Learn more about how to manage and use Institutions in Yapily

API References


While Yapily integrates with many banks, within the platform Yapily refers to each of these banks as an Institution. This abstraction is necessary because certain bank split up their API endpoints based on personal and business accounts or even according to region e.g. Allied Irish Bank (ROI), Allied Irish Bank Business (ROI), Allied Irish Bank (UK) and Allied Irish Bank Business (UK) are all separate institutions. Similarly, there are several different Institution types that you can use on our platform:

Live Institutions

If you have your certificates for AIS and/or PIS ready, you can use any of these Institutions with your certificates and access live customer data and initiate payments.

Live vs Beta

Both live and Beta Institutions are connections to real accounts that have passed our internal testing. The only difference between the two is that for each Beta integration, we do not currently have any customers using accounts for these banks. As soon we have customers who choose to use these account, the beta integration can be promoted to one that is live.

NOTE: When executing GET Institution or GET Institutions, you can see what type of integration an Institution is by looking at the environmentType property in the response. The Yapily API currently doesn't distinguish between live and beta integrations (as both appear with the LIVE environmentType) so the only way to tell between the two currently is through the Console.


Get Institutions returns a list of institutions that are configured against your Application.
There are 3 different types of Institution that can be setup:

  • MOCK
  • LIVE

Both MOCK and SANDBOX are for testing, while LIVE allows for connections to real consumer and business accounts. To use a LIVE Institution you must register and configure your Institution configuration credentials against your application.

See Registration for more information.

Pre-configured Sandboxes

These are sandbox environments that come with our certificates ready to use. This is a great option if you want to test Yapily's APIs before using any real banks or data. Yapily recommends that you use the modelo-sandbox since it is maintained by the OBIE and receives regular support. While you can use any of the other sandboxes freely, Yapily does not maintain them as they are owned by external entities.


These are sandbox environments that allow you to use your own certificates. As with the pre-configured sandboxes, be aware that these are not built or maintained by Yapily and in some cases known to be problematic and a poor representation of the institution's live integration.


With the exception of Yapily Mock (id: yapily-mock), Modelo Sandbox (id: modelo-sandbox) and Mock ASPSP (id: mock-sandbox), Yapily is not able to support or fix issues with sandboxes as they belong to external entities.


Every Institution supports a specific set of features that determine what types of requests they can support, e.g. CREATE_DOMESTIC_PERIODIC_PAYMENT vs ACCOUNT_TRANSACTIONS.