Transaction Group Analysis

Transaction Group Analysis product is available as a Private Beta version.

Yapily’s Transaction Group Analysis (TGA) identifies recurring transactions, such as household bills, rent, wages and subscriptions, and analyses the schedule and frequency of these transactions for a user. This provides additional insight into transaction data to obtain a comprehensive view of a user's profile.

TGA enables a holistic view of a user's financial profile compared to using raw totals of transactions, as the raw totals will include transactions that are not representative of a user's typical and consistent spending. TGA can be analysed across all of a user's accounts with any number of banks.

Note: TGA requires transaction data over a minimum of 3 months.

TGA calculation

Firstly, the transaction reference and descriptive fields are cleaned to remove special characters, dates or extra terms that may wrongly affect grouping of transactions. Then transactions are grouped by counterparty.

Each income and expenditure group is given a score of 0-1. The score is a measure of how far the actual transactions deviate from a perfect schedule of transactions.

Anything 0.8 and above is a consistent, committed transaction whereas anything below 0.8 is considered behavioural.

TGA returns 4 arrays:

  • incomeStreams
  • expenditureStreams
  • recentlyTerminatedIncomeStreams
  • recentlyTerminatedExpenditureStreams

TGA also returns:

  • an amount consistency score
  • transaction hashes for the most recent 24 transactions in the group
  • the next expected transaction date

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