PSU Identifiers

Yapily's knowledge article about PSU identifiers

As part of the SCA process in authorising any request for user's financial data or to initiate a payment on their behalf, some institutions require extra information in the form of PSU values in order to successfully authorise the request.

The endpoints which may require these identifiers are all of the Authorisations endpoints.

For each of these requests, the values psu-id, psu-corporate-id and psu-ip-address will be required in the following cases for the following institutions:

Deutsche Bank Mandatory - -
Noris Bank Mandatory - -
Raiffeisen Bank Croatia Mandatory - -
Handelsbanken Business UK - Mandatory -
Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A - - Mandatory
German Sparkassen (Corporate Accounts) - Mandatory -

Otherwise, for all other institutions, you will not be required to specify any of these PSU values.

Note: In order to accommodate for the listed institutions that require psu values, you will need to build your front-end applications to accept these extra fields from your customers before executing any of the authorisation requests.