Demos & Resources

Check out our live demos, sample apps and developer resources.

Live Demos

Interact with live demos using Yapily's API.

AIS Demo

The purpose of this demo is to create labelled data to train Yapily's Machine Learning Models. You do this by selecting a label that best describes the transaction.

Payment Demo

A live experience to see how open banking works. You will be taken through a payment journey where you can make a donation to a charity.

Use cases

Examples of products that can be built using Yapily API.

Walldo Wallet

A journey of a customer adding a bank account to a personal financial wallet and making a payment in a shop.

Rocket Shop

A journey of a customer buying online and paying by making a UK single currency domestic payment.


Guides and resources for Agents.


Agent types explained and consent screens content for all cases.


Get our simple HTML templates, which you can copy or edit to match your brand.


Setup a Postman Collection

  • Install Postman
  • Download the Postman Collection for your application from the dashboard:
    • Go to the Yapily Dashboard > 'My Applications'
    • Select the application you wish to connect to Postman
    • Select the 'Tools' tab
    • Select 'Download Postman Collection'
  • Import the Postman Collection:
    • Open Postman
    • Select Import
    • Either drag or upload the Postman Collection
    • Click Import
  • Configure the Collection:
    • Click the menu button (•••) for your imported collection
    • Click Edit
    • Under the variables tab, replace the value of the application-secret with the application-secret in the credentials file you downloaded when creating the application.
    • You can also set the value of the institution-id to the ID of the institution that you added when you added a live bank or added a pre-configured sandbox. This is visible in the dashboard on the institution tab of your application: