Manual Registration

Manual registration for direct UK customers

Some banks will require you as direct customer to create an account on their development portal and create an application. During the creation of this application you may need to provide the following details:

  • Application Name
  • Redirect Urls
  • Open Banking SSA (RFC 7591, OBIE SSA)
  • Company Description
  • Company Logo
  • PSD2 Authorization Number

After creating the application the ASPSP will provide you with a clientId and secret . You then need to store these and copy them into the Yapily Dashboard for that institution. These credentials will then be used on the Yapily gateway whenever you call the banks' API, hence Yapily is 'invisible' in this flow.

After submitting all of the required details, the bank may need to manually review the new Application before enabling it for production use. This can include adding any production permissions or scope to use their data.

Yapily is familiar with all of the available banks approached and can help guide you through this if needed at