Create Payment

Further reading on the third step in performing a payment with Yapily.

3 Create Payment

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In order to process a payment on behalf of the user, the user will need to authenticate with their financial institution and give explicit consent. In most cases, this will involve redirecting users to the bank's authorisation screen either in the web browser or on a mobile device by redirecting to the url provided by the authorisation-url or qr-code-url. In any case, the goal is to obtain a consent-token which is supplied as the Consent header parameter to sign payments requests. Collectively we refer to this process as 'Obtaining a Consent' or 'Authorisation'.

Once the user has given their Authorisation for a payment a consent token has been granted for the payment. This consent is used to execute payment.

Checking Payment Status

Immediately after a call to Create Payment it is advised to check the status of the payment by calling the Get Payment Details endpoint.

Further calls to Get Payment Details can be made to check on the status.

Whilst polling can be beneficial, it is generally advised:

  • For single payments (e.g Domestic), to stop polling once the status is COMPLETED, FAILED or DECLINED as these are end states
  • For recurring and scheduled payments, to stop polling once the status is COMPLETED_SETTLEMENT_IN_PROCESS as this means the payment instruction has been accepted by the bank and is awaiting execution / settlement (according to the schedule requested)