API Changelog

A list of updates to the Yapily API



November 2020 - We have made the following change to the bulk payment endpoints:

  • Removed the charges.chargeAmount object from the PaymentAuthorisationRequestResponse
  • Stopped populating the amount object in the PaymentResponse for bulk payments
  • Added bulkAmountSum of type BigDecimal to contain the sum of payments irrespective of the currency


October 2020 - We have introduced a new enum paymentRequest.payee.accountIdentifications[].type called ROLL_NUMBER to be used when making payments to particular Institutions


22nd October 2020 - Country code UK will be updated to GB.


September 2020 - We have introduced a new payment type READ_DOMESTIC_SINGLE_REFUND

For the following Institutions:

  • NatWest
  • RBS
  • Ulster Bank NI

See Reverse Payments for more information.


August 2020 - We have introduced a new payment type DOMESTIC_INSTANT_PAYMENTS - Create and Initiate domestic single instant payments

This new payment type will be added for the following Institutions:

  • Bank Austria 24You
  • Bank Austria UC eBanking Global
  • BNL
  • Comdirect
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Fineco
  • Fineco Sandbox
  • Hello Bank (Italy)
  • Intesa Sanpaolo
  • Ubi Banca
  • Unicredit HypoVereinsbank
  • Unicredit IT
  • Unicredit UC eBanking Global
  • Noris Bank
  • Sparkassen (All Branches)

For each of these banks, we have also introduced the new Institution features:

  • INITIATE_DOMESTIC_SINGLE_INSTANT_PAYMENT - Initiate a domestic single instant payment
  • CREATE_DOMESTIC_SINGLE_INSTANT_PAYMENT - Create a domestic single instant payment


May 27th 2020 - Introduction of the following new headers:

  • PSU-ID: Represents the identification of the PSU's login ID into the ASPSP.
  • PSU-CORPORATE-ID: Represents the identification of the PSU's Login ID into the ASPSP for corporate branches.
  • PSU-IP-ADDRESS: Not currently used.

to the following endpoints:

  • PATCH Create Re-authorise Consent Request
  • POST Create Account Authorisation Request
  • POST Create Bulk Payment Authorisation Request
  • POST Create Payment Authorisation Request
  • POST Create Sort Code Payment Authorisation Request
  • PUT Create Account Authorisation Request
  • PUT Create Payment Authorisation Request

which is required for the following Institutions:

  • Deutsche Bank
  • Noris Bank
  • Handelsbanken Business UK


9th March 2020 - Introduced a new payment status COMPLETED_SETTLEMENT_IN_PROCESS